THT Zoo Song

Origins of the Zoo Song

THT Zoo Song was actually written by one of THT team members and his wife. The board liked it so much that it was professionally made into an animated song.

Education through song

THT hope that children throughout the country will watch and listen to the song and that it will give them the confidence to speak up if there is a time that they do not feel safe on or near the road. THT working in partnership with other organisations have taken the Zoo Song into primary schools and used it as a foundation for teaching important road safety messages. You can see an example, in this video - 300 primary school children all singing the Zoo Song is a very powerful message!

This is what teachers have to say...

“The children engaged really well with the road safety song and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the animals and singing along. The children came up with their own actions to help learn the choruses, which they picked up quickly. We also chose children to feature in the song acting as the different animals to help reinforce the safety messages from each animal and they loved acting as the animals and being silly! The song and video was very captivating for all children across the age ranges and it was lovely to see how quickly the children knew the different animals and understood the messages of the song. Road safety is such a key aspect of the curriculum and as a school we are constantly looking at ways to engage children in their learning so that road safety messages are embedded for life not just a lesson. The road safety song helped impart vital messages across our school and community in an engaging and multi-sensory way, which has made a lasting impact on our children.”  Francesca  PSHE Coordinator

 “Children’s safety is of paramount importance at Willand School. We work hard to make sure the children have consistent messages about how to keep themselves safe in the world in which we live and it is carefully woven through our Personal, Social and Health Education Programme. “Road Safety is one aspect of this and we are delighted to be taking part in this valuable new initiative. The song, in particular, delivers the key messages in such a fun and engaging way that the children love it and are sure to remember it!” Anne Hawkins (Head teacher). Willand Primary School, Devon

“It’s been a fantastic opportunity to be involved with the Honest Truth and we feel very privileged. We think it’s genuinely provided the children with a really engaging context to talk about the importance of road safety. The children learned so quickly all the characters and their messages which we never expected. The road safety messages they have taken away, have had a huge impact on them. It’s been a really fun and educational experience for everyone involved.” Tanya, Primary School Teacher

Please use the Zoo Song?

The Zoo Song video is available for anyone to view and share on YouTube - it would be great you can let us know if you use the song to educate young people so that we can share best practice and promote your success.

Future Development

THT is currently developing a resource pack that complements the Zoo Song lesson - watch this space.