The Honest Truth Campaigns

The Honest Truth campaign is formed around the central idea of telling young drivers the truth about safe driving, without patronising or sugar-coating. In the age of fake-news and the fear that millennials aren’t quite as resilient as their elders, the Honest Truth campaign believes that they can handle it. Of course, behaviour change theory is at the heart of all the resources and we have engaged with well-known advisors and researchers to ensure everything we put into the public domain is backed-up by robust methodology and ongoing evaluation.

Road safety teams can licence and co-brand Honest Truth resources or buy them off the shelf. These campaign materials include posters, social media assets, beer mats, flyers etc, and are available for each of the 10 Truths, which expands on the fatal five to include issues like insurance, vulnerable road users and risk taking. The above example is from the ‘mobile phones’ Truth and has already become a successful outdoor media campaign in Warwickshire.

For more information, including costs, please contact:

James Evans
07800 822818