So you’ve passed your test and you’re lucky enough to have your own car or very understanding parents or guardians that have put you on the insurance to drive theirs?

You are now likely to become even more popular than you already were, especially with your mates who haven’t passed their test yet or don’t have access to a car. The new found freedom you have will feel strange at first, not having that voice of reason sat beside you making sure you make the right decision at the right time.

You will now have passengers, many of whom may not understand how complex driving actually is and that you need to have your full concentration on the task in hand and not have to worry about them ‘horsing around’ or distracting you.

During an operation in Plymouth City Centre a few months ago our very own ambassador, Sgt Olly Tayler stopped a young driver with three passengers. The driver at 17 years old had only passed her test a few months earlier and her passengers were all good friends and only 16 and 17 themselves. On asking the driver whether she knew the risks she and her passengers faced as a new and young driver she proudly handed Sgt Olly a piece of A4 paper.

When he unfolded it Sgt Olly saw she had written on it ‘My Car My Rules’ and written below were five rules.

The driver then explained that if anyone wanted a lift in her car they had to agree to the five rules before they even got in. Her passengers thought it was a great idea as they knew the ground rules before getting in to the car and were more than happy to respect them.

Why don’t you have your own rules for your car?

They can be anything you want but make sure they include things that will keep you and your passengers safe. Use the form here if you like to either print off and keep in your car or download it to your phone to show your passengers. Whichever you decide to do use the rules and make sure anyone who wants a lift, old or young agrees to your rules. #MyCarMyRules