Insurance can be expensive and the biggest factors that influence your premium are age and where you live. Of course these are things you can't really alter, but these are not the only factors that influence your premium. Using popular price comparison websites, you can easily save up to 35% of the cost of your insurance.

What is the impact on insurance after an accident?
If you’re not at fault, none of your no-claims bonus will be taken. If you are at fault, you can lose some or all of your no claims bonus.

Can I get by without insurance?
Nope. The law requires you to have insurance. Being involved in an accident while driving without insurance may result in criminal record.

What’s The Honest Truth about fronting?
'Fronting' is when a young person insures their vehicle with their parent or guardian as the policy holder and main driver, and themselves as an additional named driver but uses the car the most. It’s done to save money as the premium will be lower, but it’s a type of fraud. 

Your first premium will be big; the cost of fronting or driving without cover will be much greater.

What happens if an insurance company finds out about fronting?

  • The insurance policy could be invalidated giving cost responsibility back to the driver.
  • They may report it to the police.
  • The penalty for no insurance is 6 points (6 points would mean losing a licence for someone within two years of passing their test).
  • The young driver could be taken to court for driving without insurance.
  • Being caught could result in license points, bans and fines.
  • The fronting adult could have their own policy for their own vehicle invalidated.
  • Both parties may find it harder and more expensive to get car insurance in the future.
  • There are powers which can result in uninsured cars being seized from the roadside.