For Road Safety Teams

So, let’s start with the elevator pitch… here’s The Honest Truth in a standard text message:

THT helps road safety teams equip local driving instructors to deliver consistent, high-quality and engaging education to learners seamlessly within their normal driving lessons.


  • Untapped - All but a very small number of new drivers take lessons with an approved driving instructor (ADI), yet instructors remain under-utilised by the road safety profession.

  • Exposure - Each learner spends around 40 hours with their instructor. During this time, they learn practical skills and theoretical knowledge so they can pass their tests, however, there is no statutory requirement to cover road safety issues.

  • Mindset - Before passing their tests, learners are more receptive to information and advice that will help them with driving. Delivering road safety education within the context of driving lessons is much more relevant than in a school or college setting. 

  • Train & Equip - Most ADIs want to offer road safety as part of their driving school service. THT provides the resources and training to help them integrate consistent, high-quality and engaging messages within the standard lesson structure.

  • Measure - Because THT is delivered by ADIs using standardised materials, it is possible to record and evaluate the self-declared changes in the attitudes and behaviours of THT Graduates. Additionally, because ADIs undertake formal training and assessment to qualify as a THT Approved ADI, we can also measure their skills of delivery. 


ADIs are under pressure from learners to get them through their tests as quickly as possible, so spending a lot of time on road safety education is not an option. Therefore, we’ve put together a delivery system that ensures vital road safety education can be conveyed effectively, within just a few minutes per lesson.

To become an Honest Truth Approved Driving Instructor, the ADI must watch an onboarding video and complete a short e-learning course annually to maintain their approved status. This will ensure they are delivering accurate and effective education in an engaging way. 

Truth Packs are the backbone of the delivery resource. These are designed so they can give students a different section to read in each lesson, on THT topics such as drug driving or inappropriate speed.  They can then have a short discussion about what their student has read and answer any questions they may have.  In total this should take less than five minutes of a one or two hour lesson.  

Additionally, we provide ADIs with four 90-second films, one for each of the Fatal Four topics.  These can be played on a phone or tablet for a richer visual experience. 

On their first lesson, each learner should be given their Truth Card. It’s basically a loyalty card style record of which Truths have been delivered. Simply sign each one off as you go, then when the card is complete, your learner can upload it to the Honest Truth website for a chance to win some great prizes.


On completion of their training, each THT ADI receives:

  • x1 Truth Pack
  • x1 Approved ADI car sticker
  • x50 Truth Cards
  • x50 Young Driver Guides
  • x50 Parent Guides
  • x25 MyCarMyRules cards
  • Access to digital THT approved ADI logo
  • Access to x4 films as an alternative to using the Truth Pack to deliver the Fatal Four

If you're interested, please get in touch for more information.

James Evans
07800 822818