Information for ADIs


As an Approved Driving Instructor, you’ll be only too aware that each year over 825,000 people in the UK pass their driving test and join the highest risk road user group – newly qualified young drivers. Although road safety teams within Local Authorities and Fire & Rescue Services are working hard to engage this vulnerable group in effective road safety education, reaching them can be a challenge.

Of course, during the course of their lessons, you will doubtlessly provide lots of the practical information and advice that will help them through the driving test and keep them from making many of the skill-based errors that could result in a collision. Yet despite the driving test focusing on skill-based manoeuvres, the vast majority of collisions involving new and young drivers aren’t as a result of poor driving skill. Causation factors are more likely to trace back to poor decision-making ability and understanding of the dangers faced by new drivers, such as distractions, fatigue and inappropriate speed.

As an ADI, you have a unique opportunity to reach every new driver at a key point in their driving career, when they are still in the learning frame of mind and receptive to new information. The Honest Truth (THT) is a road safety campaign that harnesses the power of your relationship with learners, by providing structured resources and guidance, helping you to quickly and easily deliver key road safety messages within the context of normal driving lessons. In short, THT is the road safety plug-in for driving instructors. 


As an ADI, you will likely be under pressure from learners to get them through their tests as quickly as possible, so spending a lot of time on road safety education is not an option. Therefore, we’ve put together a delivery system that ensures vital road safety education can be conveyed effectively, within just a few minutes per lesson.

To become an Honest Truth ADI, simply sign up online using the link below. You’ll watch a short introductory film and then receive the following resources by post. Once they arrive, you should watch a short training film with information on how to deliver The Truth. Click here to sign-up now.

Truth Packs are the backbone of your delivery resource. There is a double page spread for each of the ten Truths; learners read one per lesson and then you have a short discussion about what they’ve read to ensure it has resonated properly. We also supply four short films on the Fatal Four topics of drink/drugs, distractions, seatbelts and speed. These can be shown in conjunction with the Truth Pack to add more texture to these topics.

On their first lesson, each learner should be given their Truth Card. It’s basically a loyalty card style record of which Truths have been delivered. Simply sign each one off as you go, then when the card is complete, your learner can upload it to the Honest Truth website for a chance to win some great prizes.


Whilst we would like to be able to provide The Honest Truth free of charge, it costs money to develop these quality resources and ensure we are available to support ADIs and encourage learners to select an Honest Truth Parent ADI for their lessons. The cost is £8 per month, billed annually and includes:
  • The Honest Truth delivery pack
  • Online training seminar
  • Listing on THT ‘find an ADI’ database
  • THT partner ADI car sticker
  • 50 THT branded Young Driver Guides per year
  • THT Approved logos for use on your marketing material and website 
  • 50 THT branded copies of Parent Guide per year
  • Co-branded THT promo film for website and social media


    If you are an organisation or multi-car schools and interested in supporting The Honest Truth, please get in touch so we can best assist you.

    James Evans
    07800 822818