Honest Truth ADI Resources

Congratulations on becoming an accredited Honest Truth ADI Partner!

You can now download or stream the Fatal Four THT films as alternatives to the printed materials in the Truth Pack. This page contains the download links for:

  • The Truth Pack (a digital version of the one you received in the post)
  • Fatal Four THT films for speed, drink/drugs, distractions and seatbelts

TRUTH PACK - click here to download a digital version of your truth pack.

LOGO - click here to download a digital version of the ADI Partner logo.

FATAL FOUR FILMS - click below to download or stream:


In addition to these resources, we'll be running quarterly webinars for our ADI Partners to share experiences, best practise and feed-back ideas to the THT team. Please check in with us at info@thehonesttruth.co.uk to find out when the next one is.