Honest Truth driving instructor wins accolade

Angela Presland, of Belt Up Driving School, was short listed to the final three in the First Car Awards 2018, for Driving Instructor along with two other instructors from London. Angela is based in Devon and has been delivering The Honest Truth for many years. 

She says "I first became involved with The Honest Truth through the Association of Professional Driving Instructors, APDI(SW).  I have volunteered at the Learn 2 Live Events helping with the welfare area offering support and just listening, if needed, to those who find the Event overwhelming for many different reasons.  Safe driving and driver awareness to the possible dangers of driving and all that it involves, is the key to me being involved and being an active supporter of The Honest Truth. 

The Honest Truth is different from other road safety campaigns because it is real, local and very relevant.  The presentations are given by Olly Tayler and his team.  He is interesting, gets the audiences attention and maintains that interest throughout the whole presentation.  The topic is real, everyone listening can relate, it's local, it's upsetting, moving and most importantly the message is that most are preventable.

The facts are an excellent way to start a discussion and sometimes quite shocking to the pupil.  The phrase which I use the most from The Honest Truth is “Speed, its a limit not a target”

The Resource Booklet is great!   All of the information that I need to pass on to my pupil is right there, the story to make it real, the statistics which back up the information.  The booklet makes it official as though it is relevant to my lesson and not just something that I have chosen to discuss."

I always ask my pupils if they have attended a Learn 2 Live event and many say that they have.  On asking them if they have ever used the advice, most still say no if they are in the car at the time.  Which is sad.  They say they can feel unsafe in the car but worry about upsetting their friend if they say anything.  However, they do say that they will make choices about not being driven by those prior to even getting in the car.  So it is working.

In my new venture of Instructor Training I am absolutely getting my PDI’s and Franchisee’s involved and interested in The Honest Truth.  This is the way forward and every instructor who can attempt to influence or change a mindset is invaluable to all of our safety on the roads. My family, friends, colleagues, fellow ADI’s, drivers, bikers, pedestrians, everyone, needs to be aware of how their actions can affect others.  

Published: 25th June 2018

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