ADI Profile - Kevin Sellwood

Training Wheelz cover the area from Bridgwater in the North to Teignmouth in the South, Honiton to the East and Exeter to the West and has 4 ADIs at present, his co-owner Christie Palfrey as well as  franchisees Lisa Gorman and Kevin Raven.  Here Kevin Sellwood from Training Wheelz shares with us his thoughts about using The Honest Truth. 

"I became involved in The Honest Truth a good few years ago. I attended the Learn2Live presentation at Exeter University several years ago and it was really the impact that made on me that made up my mind that the Honest Truth message needed to be spread to my learners. 

The Honest Truth is different from other road safety campaigns in that it is the personal approach and the fact that THT focusses in on individual cases, however tragic they are. You get to hear about so many different aspects of a fatal crash. And the fact that we have the wonderful Olly Tayler and his colleagues here in the South West is an added bonus! To hear such an authoritative voice talk so passionately about road safety inspires me to want to pass the message on to my learners.

I give out the literature to all learners on their first lesson. The cards are stuck to the dashboard and rotated regularly – these sometime provoke comment from the learners themselves, but I will also start a conversation based on what a driver has done on the road with the possibilities that they may be under the influence of something or other."



Published: 31st August 2018

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