2018 mile cycle ride fundraiser

Cpl Nick Horner-Boyd is RAF Coningsby Project Officer (ProjO) for their Road Safety campaign in 2018.  This year he plans to work with the local community whilst being involved with the Police and Highways agencies and The Honest Truth.  His ambition is that 'this should give us the other side of life outside of the military and will allow us to further develop our teaching in school, families day, town centres etc'.  

Nick has set himself the incredible challenge of cyclying 2018 to raise money for The Honest Truth.  He says ' I decided to try and raise funds for The  Honest Truth and give back to an organisation that has given so much to us over the past few years. THT has worked closely with RAF Coningsby and with our challenge of 2018 miles cycled this year, we hope to increase our awareness alongside teaching everyone we come across to help them as much as possible.'

Nick has set himself the challenge of cycling 2018 miles between 27 July (RAF Coningsby families day) and the end of Road Safety Week (23 November).  This works out roughly 118 miles per week - on top of personal and work commitments and whilst studying for a BSc!  

Please support Nick by donating, it is easy on his fundraising page here

Published: 8th June 2018

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