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MyCarMyRules is a simple idea to help drivers make sure they are in control of what happens in their car and so keep them and their passengers safe.  

During an operation in Plymouth City Centre, a young driver with three passengers was stopped. The driver at 17 years old had only passed her test a few months earlier and her passengers were all good friends and only 16 and 17 themselves.

On asking the driver whether she knew the risks she and her passengers faced as a new and young driver she proudly handed Sgt Olly a piece of paper. When he unfolded it Olly saw she had written on it ‘My Car My Rules’ and written below were five rules.

  1. No drugs, no exceptions.
  2. Everyone must wear a seatbelt at all times.
  3. Only decent music to be played.
  4. Do not distract the driver.
  5. No smelly farts.

Why not empower the next generation of new drivers to take charge and set the standards up-front? We've printed blank MyCarMyRules cards on A6 400gsm stock to ensure they are sturdy and durable. These make great hand-outs for events, campaigns and interventions. Bundles start at just 50 cards and all costs include shipping to mainland UK.