Warwickshire ADI Launch Event at Police HQ

The evening of November 28th saw some of the 75 Honest Truth Partner driving instructors being invited to Warwickshire Police HQ, Leek Wootton.  The event was organised to launch the new initiative which is being funded by Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Philip Seccombe. 

Philip outlined that road safety is a key component of the police and crime plan with the intention to reduce the level of fatalities and injury on Warwickshire roads - in 2019 so far 32 people have died.

Young drivers are disproportionately represented in the injury statistics and five people a day are injured on Warwickshire roads – the intention is to reduce this casualty count.

Philip is committed to educating and positively influencing new and young drivers to make them more aware of dangers on our roads and to make them better road users.  It was acknowledged that driving instructors can play a key role in making that happen.  

Philip advised how excited he was to launch The Honest Truth being a very high profile and key grant out of the £300,000 given to roads safety projects across the county. 


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