Tips for keeping ADIs healthy from Parv Walling

As I write the blog this month, we’re all still very much in it together in ‘lockdown’ and I think I’m safe to say that a few of us are struggling somewhat with our new normal! What appeared to be a simple request to ‘stay home and save lives’ has become too much for some to bear. With the onset of warmer weather, many people are deciding to go against the Government advice and head to the beach or more generally flout the rules. Now I know for some of you, this has really got your already heightened emotions running on overdrive. Instances such as these remind me that this behaviour is just like the drivers on the road who are continually ignoring the rules around essential journeys, or excessive speed. Regrettably we cannot be responsible for other people’s actions but we can certainly choose how we respond. I’m trying to focus on my breathing these days but truth is, you’ve got to do what works for you. Here is a short video featuring Dr. Radha Modgil from Radio 1’s Life Hacks with her 5 tips on how to stay mentally and emotionally well during the lockdown. Hope you find it useful. Click here

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