Thoughts from a new ADI in Scotland, Jim Primrose

I qualified as a driving instructor in 2019, working on my own, I cover most of Fife & Kinross in Scotland. I first became involved in the Honest Truth in January of 2020 after seeing some information on Facebook.
I recently held my first Driver Education Course as I see education as the cornerstone of my business. Held in a conference style setting, my students really were fully engaged during the evening. I believe Driver Education is a missing link in the learning to drive process. I actually found it quite difficult to find both appropriate and relevant material to encapsulate Road Safety into my education course until I found out about THT. Only teaching students "how to drive a car safely" which seems to be the normal approach, doesn't cover enough and I personally see the future in Driver Education as well as In-Car Training.
The Honest Truth stood out because it is exactly that, it's "The Honest Truth" about road safety and explained as it should be with no frills. THT has pitched the message perfectly, this allows students to fully engage in their education as well as their parents, with excellent resources provided to support it. This is adding not only an extra dimension to what I offer but also real value too.
Too many campaigns adopt a blame or a shock culture, more often than not, they target certain demographics, the council or road authorities who are also blamed as an easy option. They are often politically motivated as, "good to talk about topics when elections are in the air." The Honest Truth is an engaging education solution-based program, so it works. It really is about real life situations and whilst there are no holds barred, it is presented in such an engaging and thought-provoking manner, in my experience so far, all students buy into it immediately.
To begin with students find it quite amusing because of the animal head imagery, then as it is explained, the penny drops and they understand what each character stands for. There is always a moment of silence as they digest the "Truth of The Day"
Students are buying into it quite easily as a logical thing to be discussing at the start and during their lesson, some actually talk more about today's "Truth" than they ever did about anything else. It certainly helps students communicate more openly, sometimes referring to personal experiences. For me, it's quite simple really, they actually get it!
I am new to this industry however have a wealth of experience with many years managing and coaching teams from across the world. I look at everything with open and "fresh" eyes and The Honest Truth was truly like a eureka moment for me when I saw it for the first time. It's a tremendous education tool for me and without doubt a first-class learning experience for my students.
The Honest Truth works because of the simplicity of its message, easily communicated with striking imagery and supporting materials. The students are engaged from the beginning, with many having their own real-life story to tell!

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