Parv Walling of ADINJC

This month driving instructor Parv Walling, suggests a couple of powerful road safety videos to view, firstly If You Could Change’;

This moving and relatable road safety film produced by Bedfordshire Road Safety Partnership really tugs on your heart strings. A Police Officer’s knock on the door at an often unusual time of day or night is every family’s worst nightmare but must be just as traumatic and life changing for those involved when delivering shocking messages about loved ones. Another stark reminder to be consistently proactive with all our students and always strive to keep raising awareness in them to prevent the devastating sadness and ongoing ripple effect of road crashes. .



I came across a BBC documentary recently which after watching, felt compelled to share with you all, although I must warn in advance that the programme contains very strong language from the outset and throughout which some viewers may find upsetting/offensive. The reasons why I chose to share this with you all were manifold but you’ll see that when you start watching. In my view, the entire piece demonstrates and reinforces perfectly, albeit incredibly sadly and frustratingly, why we all need to delve much deeper and hit many leagues below the surface of the people we share our cars with. What will you find lies beneath? You can watch it here


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