'Here comes the sun' by Parv Walling of ADINJC

I don’t know about you all but it’s starting to feel like summer to me! As the year warms up with butterflies, bees (and hay fever!) in full swing, it’s both striking and dazzling that many of us have made it half way through this tumultuous year already without having done the day job as we knew it for 2 long months.

How have you and your students coped with your new circumstances? Personally, I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost a small piece of myself along the way. Loss has factored significantly for many of us and not just financially but emotionally too. I’m sure like you and your students, making small and meaningful gains has helped to counterbalance the many ‘ups and downs’ on this ‘see-saw’ of life.

I’ve heard a selection of influential people quoting ‘It’s ok not to be ok!’ some taking ‘positives out of negatives’, whilst others will embark on their ‘renewal’ with upcoming ‘new beginnings’. Change can be strange and never more especially when it has been ‘thrust’ upon us all at once. However, it is something we’re all getting adept at dealing with as we face it together. Whether you and your students embrace or reject the many challenges life is currently bringing, when we finally get the green light to go back to our day job as soon as it is safe, I think we’re all going to emerge in an adapted and ‘different’ form of our ‘old’ selves. Metamorphosis at its very best! This month, I’ve included a link to an article by Jim Rohn considering change and I hope you enjoy it. Read it here

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