Dec Guest blog - Parv Walling of ADINJC

Parv Walling of ADINJC gives an ADIs view on some of the topics raised this month...

Face the consequences 

As we’re about to leap into a new decade, I’m confident that many of us will well and truly ‘let our hair down’. I came across this video recently and it starkly reminded me how extremely vulnerable younger drivers and their passengers can be. Whilst the entire clip is 6 minutes long, it is worth watching in its entirety to see the 3 young drivers facing the consequences ‘head on’. Emotive watching guaranteed with advance warning of some upsetting photos/scenes included but it places perfectly the reasons why exactly we all need to raise awareness of and work hard to change anti-social attitudes and behaviours in those of our students needing to take extra care.


Zero tolerance 

Drink driving has featured heavily over this festive period and no doubt because drink driving figures have risen worryingly to an 8 year high. England and Wales has the highest drink drive limit in Europe so it is even more worrying when there still seems to be confusion about the legal requirements in the UK with some drivers deliberating about what’s safe and what’s not. A recent survey by Motorpoint found ‘the majority of motorists support zero tolerance approach to drink driving with 70.6% per cent of people welcoming a blanket ban on consumption of alcohol’. What will your conversations with students consist of? No mixing?

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