GEM Motoring Assist supports THT


Road Safety has been at the heart of everything since the formation as the Company of Veteran Motorists way back in 1932. Over the years GEM recognised the need to do more to promote the aim of reducing death and serious injury on the roads, not just among their members, but within the wider community and therefore decided to establish their own registered Road Safety Charity in 1985. They have and continue to support numerous road safety projects across the UK that all have one thing in common – keeping people safe on the roads.

The GEM Road Safety Charity exists to contribute to improving the safety of all road users throughout the country by making grants and providing financial assistance to support innovative projects that have regional or national significance. The Honest Truth are privileged to be in receipt of a grant towards the production of a range of educational materials allowing driving instructors to deliver valuable road safety interventions.

“The Trustees of the GEM Road Safety Charity were really pleased to be able to award a grant to The Honest Truth towards the redevelopment of their excellent road safety resources. Since 1932 we have worked tirelessly to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads and therefore we share The Honest Truth’s vision of preventing families, friends and communities from ever having to experience the devastation of losing a loved one on our roads.” Mrs Laura Ward, Chair of the Charity Trustees.


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