Feb guest blog from Parv Walling of ADINJC

Parv Walling of ADINJC gives an ADIs view on some of the topics raised this month...

Stay cool this winter

I’m concerned writing the blog this month because there seems to have been an upsurge in reports of road rage incidents in the media of late. These incidents range from people deliberately being ‘driven at’ to video footage of a driver being maliciously kicked and punched in the road for ‘gesticulating’ at a passenger and a Welsh man who was in hospital for 5 months after a traffic light incident who died recently. What on earth could be going on out there to make people behave this way? What do you teach your students about staying cool behind the wheel when it appears that everyone else is losing theirs?

Mixed emotions

As trainers, ’flowers on the railings’ is regrettably something we’re all too familiar with seeing and as an industry collectively work hard to prevent. I recently came across an article which described how the words to a poem which were also song lyrics had been posted on the railings where a young girl had died in 1996. To this day on the anniversary of her death, her mother continues to leave a floral tribute. What struck me was how it contrasts to the above stories. What do you discuss about road deaths and floral memorials? Do you include ghost bikes? Whilst anti-social behaviour may well be on the rise, let us hope it is more than counter-balanced by a growing number of such simple acts of warmth, kindness and respect, especially following times of great tragedy.

Fog vapours

Whilst recently driving to Walsall, it was extremely foggy. What shocked me was how there are drivers who vape huge plumes behind the wheel, literally creating more ‘fog’ inside their vehicles. Do any of your students smoke/vape? What do you teach them about driving in extreme weather conditions outside and inside? Driving as blind as a bat comes to mind… 

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