Driving Instructor Profile - Rosey Teape

I started as a PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) in 2018 and became an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) early 2019 and I now live in Westward Ho! North Devon and cover Bideford, Barnstaple and the surrounding areas. I am self-employed and had the ambition of going solo however, I decided to stay with my trainer on a small franchise - he owns a small local driving school based in Plymouth. This helps me to ensure I receive continuous feedback as my ongoing development is very important to me but also helps me to network. It’s also great being part of a team where I feel like family as well as having the flexibility of being self-employed.

I first got involved in The Honest Truth in September 2019 after I saw an advert on social media for a local event at Petroc college - there was funding to support the recruitment of 25 local ADIs. I did a bit of internet searching and saw what a great opportunity this would be working in partnership with other groups/services and for me helping to maintain the focus for safe driving for life during driving lessons and beyond. I got in touch with a few local instructors to see if they were interested and as they say the rest was history.

The Honest Truth stood out for me because of the very clear, easy to understand messages that cover typical topics - the ‘truths’ - that everyone can relate to regardless. But also, very importantly the passion and enthusiasm from the team behind the scene that work ‘relentlessly’ to deliver and have a clear passion to support and provide people like myself tools and resources to help other road users.

The Honest Truth is different from other road safety campaigns as it is strong but simple - and as an ADI they provide me with a booklet, support if I need it and recognise how I can impact first hand.

My students like the visuals and the fact it doesn’t take very long - the stories bring the ‘truths’ into real life situations they can also relate to and there is no paperwork to fill in or tests! They also like the opportunity of being able to win prizes. And I can honestly say all my students engage and ask questions - some are quite shocked by the facts but feel they learn something from it.

I’m so pleased that I have a resource as an ADI that can use to reinforce such an important message which quite simply will save someone’s life! I like using the Honest Truth road safety campaign because it reinforces key messages that let’s face it most people understand but don’t think it will ever happen to them. The Honest Truth provide me with a simple booklet that has great visuals and a story for each ‘truth’ - it takes only a moment each lesson to deliver one of the ’truths’ which can then be brought into real life discussion during the driving lesson helping the learner to take responsibility and accountability in becoming the better driver and enhance their behaviours for safe driving for life.

It’s great when a student tells you how they had a chat with their parent/brother/ sister/own children or partner relaying a fact they had learnt which has brought the whole family into a discussion - a great example of influencing past, present and future road users!! It works because it’s simple, it’s real - visual and conducted in the right environment

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