Delivering the Honest Truth in Lockdown

Neil Wightman has been a driving instructor and driver trainer for 12 years and here he tells us a little more about his involvement in The Honest Truth, why he became an Honest Truth Partner ADI and how he is keeping his students engaged during Lockdown.

I am based in Leicestershire on the border with Warwickshire, in a town called Hinckley, so my work takes me into both counties so there’s always plenty of variety within the training.

At the moment there are four of us and my driving school, Y2 Learn Driver Training, is starting to grow which I’m proud of.  Currently it's myself and another ADI, Ross, and two PDI’s, Simon and Iain, whom I’ve trained myself, using TCIT (TRI-coaching instructor training course ). I have a goal to have around 20 cars in the next five years.

I first got involved properly with The Honest Truth when there was a recruitment drive for ADIs in Warwickshire, or those who teach in Warwickshire and I signed up in November/December 2019.  I had seen the stand at a few conferences and that’s where I had Initially met Annette, not quite sure why I hadn’t signed up before. My passion for road safety plus the awareness of reality experienced in the presentation of truths helps develop the pupil's attitudes to improve road safety.

The Honest Truth is different from other road safety campaigns. Coming from a background of within the fire service it resonated with me, and I feel comfortable with the delivery side of the content as I can relate incidents to it, which I feel is important - you have to believe in what you are delivering.

I've been working with my students quite closely during lockdown with free online theory sessions over the zoom platform (video calling) . But also working for the local ADIs in our association, of which I’m Vice Chairman, arranging presentations for them and that’s been on a weekly basis. Annette attended one of our online meetings. 

I recently started doing Zoom online presentations with the 10 The Honest Truths and they took off. I presented the phone presentation first “Why would you drive as blind as a bat”. It was great, really interactive, rather than just having one person listening, I had a group which opened up some really good conversations with pupils who didn’t know each other at the start, listening to their discussions and facilitating their thoughts made the session more productive.

I found the pupils responded really well to The Honest truth, but I also have to say in my opinion they reacted more from the presentation with others which showed within the reviews and the eagerness to do the rest. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the presentations on the Zoom platform and recommend that other instructors think about it very seriously. I’m certainly going to keep it going. And I would say to other ADIs, give this a try and you’ll see the reactions from students and the light bulb moments when they realise things that didn’t know or understand.

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