April blog by Parv Walling

As I write this blog, I’m reminded just how fragile life is. I think I’m safe to say the majority of us were motoring along quite nicely before becoming acutely aware of just how deeply the impact of a worldwide virus would be for us all. Whilst the official guidance now puts all of our lives and loves on hold for the present, we can still continue to look out for each other albeit at a distance in these particularly testing times. Just because we’re all in social isolation, it doesn’t mean we have to be anti-social or isolated. This is one hell of a major life event for us all to be dealing with and never a better time for us to keep reaching out to one another. I keep hearing ‘be kind’, ‘think of others’ and ‘don’t panic’ to name a few but the fact is there will be people out there who were already feeling fragile prior to this unsettling news and these unprecedented and uncertain times will affect those people much more significantly than others. Whilst we all try to get used to taking a slower pace for a while, if you know anyone who may be struggling to cope, please encourage them to talk about their concerns with someone they trust. There is an excellent set of resources here; 

Every Mind Matters

How to Cope with Quarantine 

Every Journey Matters

I had to make an essential train journey last week, although I wish I hadn’t! Road Safety GB is encouraging all road users to do their bit to reduce the strain on the emergency services in the coming weeks and months, by taking extra care if they must make an essential journey. For those who must travel, the plea is to do everything to avoid collisions and casualties including:

Always drive at an appropriate speed
Always wear a seatbelt
Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Never use a mobile phone behind the wheel

Take Extra Care

Until next month, I hope you all stay safe and well and in my best Jerry Springer voice, ‘take good care of yourselves and each other’.

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